Plitvice Marathon – a marathon to test both your mind and body


This is not just another story about the Plitvice Lakes; this is one of the few untold stories about this breathtaking wonder of nature that has attracted a large number of visitors for years. Once a year, a large group of visitors who are avid runners also come to visit.

History of the marathon

How did it all start and what was the idea behind a marathon in an area where you are surrounded by greenery and an infinite number of waterfalls? In the Park area, there had been an increasing interest in sports activities and more and more investments were made in sports. A newly built sports hall, outdoor sports fields, paths for walking and running along lakes and waterfalls, rowing on the lake, bicycle tours around the Park, skiing in winter and a ski school… all this inspired Prof. Ivan Teklić to take up a new work challenge. One of his priorities was to bring trails along lakes and waterfalls closer to all running enthusiasts. The first Plitvice Marathon took place in October 1981, with 165 competitors taking part. As the news spread quickly, more and more competitors from various countries took part every year. The beauty of this oldest and greenest marathon in Croatia is recognised not only in neighbouring countries but also in other countries worldwide. The course that passes along most of the lakes and waterfalls, through areas rich in forest, further encourages runners to achieve better results. One interesting fact is that in 1984 and 1985, a cross-country skiing competition was organised. In 1984, cross-country skiing took place at Entrance 2, while in 1985, competitors could enjoy cross-country skiing along frozen lakes and waterfalls.


For all fans of marathons and other races, the surroundings in…

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