The Best Beaches Near Lisbon, Portugal


Portugal is known for its beautiful beaches, sunny weather and rich cultural history. You’ll find some of the most beautiful beaches spread out all along the coast, from the Algarve through to the beaches near Lisbon.

Located just a short drive from Lisbon, the beaches in this area offer something for everyone, from secluded coves and quiet fishing villages to bustling resorts and lively surf spots.

Whether you’re looking for a relaxing day by the sea or an adventure-filled vacation, you’ll find it at one of the best beaches near Lisbon.

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Here is our summary:

Yellow beaches – West of Lisbon – use the train (or bus)
Orange beaches – West of Lisbon – best by car
Purple beaches – South of Lisbon – best by car

Great beaches you can reach by train or bus from Lisbon

The following beaches are much-loved by local people and sightseers alike. Getting to them from Lisbon is straightforward, with regular train services running out of Cais do Sodré station or any other rail stop towards Cascais.

The coastline from Oeiras to Estoril to Cascais stretches west of Lisbon and offers sandy beaches, calm seawater and characteristic spas. This is the coastline where most tourists take a day trip to the beach.

Those are the yellow beaches on the map above.

The coastline is connected from Lisbon to Cascais by a train that runs regularly. A trip costs about €2 per person each way and takes about 45 minutes from terminus to terminus. This means that almost all beaches are easily accessible from Lisbon. The only disadvantage is that all beaches can be very crowded in summer, especially during the Portuguese summer vacations.

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