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By Kristof Eyckmans on Oct 07, 2022 in Africa, Air Travel, Antarctic, Cruises & Boat Travel, Europe, Featured, Leisure Travel, Monaco, Polar Regions, Regions, Speciality Travel, Tanzania, Western Europe, Worldwide, Zambia, Zimbabwe

We all have these amazing bucket lists where we add more boxes instead of actually ticking them off. And while some get frustrated about it, I kind of like the feeling of knowing there will always be more to see, more to do and also more to add! Why? Well… I’ve been lucky enough to scratch plenty of items on my list, but every time I do so, it makes me want to add more just because of the cheer satisfaction and gratitude you get from fulfilling that dream. Is it me or does this overall feeling resonate with most of those who try to finish their endless list?

Aah… who cares anyways? Bucket lists are made to motivate you, to work towards something, to have that tingly feeling when you know it’s coming your way but you still have to wait a few days, weeks, months or even years. Let me just make sure you add a few more items to your list cause I’m a nice guy and I like people to be inspired by all the amazing and luxurious experiences out there.

White Desert Antarctica

The 7th continent has become increasingly popular in the last decade and while most of the visitors explore this amazing continent on one of the many expedition cruise lines, there is also the unique chance to actually stay on Antarctica without even boarding a ship. White Desert Antarctica operates 3 luxury camps in this vast and remote corner of the earth, named Whichaway…

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