Christmas time at the Plitvice Lakes


How do you picture wintertime at the Plitvice Lakes? The white blanket of snow turns your visit into a special experience as you walk by the blue-green lakes. The silence of nature will fill you with the extraordinary energy of the winter idyll that provides health and refreshment.

Winter idyll at the Plitvice Lakes

Moving makes us happier and relaxed and improves our psychophysical condition. Spending time in nature makes us calmer, frees our spirit, and reduces stress. Happiness cannot be measured, but scientists agree that we increase it by spending time in nature. Relaxation in nature will not be lacking at the Plitvice Lakes, as kilometers of trails offer precisely that. Countless waterfalls and the unreal color of the lakes seem to be right there for you. The sound of the waterfalls, green-blue lakes, frost everywhere – that is winter at the Plitvice Lakes. You should try counting our pine trees, catching a snowflake or enjoying a cup of tea in a warm place just a few steps away from the biggest waterfall in Croatia. This winter landscape hides many secrets, bears sleeping in their dens and ducks still playing in the lakes. While the nature of the Upper Lakes is resting in winter, take a boat across the largest Plitvice lake, Kozjak, and enjoy a walk under the Great Waterfall itself, the largest waterfall in Croatia. Although in winter we are generally drawn inside, into closed, heated spaces, we believe that you will enjoy the fresh air of pristine nature more. In winter, we hope, most of all, it snows with soft white flakes covering the ground like a blanket that gives nature a rest. We also hope it snows because of the sledding and skiing that is offered in…

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