How to Get Around Lisbon


I usually recommend walking like crazy and getting lost as the best way to get around any new city. That way, you stumble across the best hidden gems down charming alleyways (it’s worth keeping your comfy shoes on). I recommend the same when asked how to get around Lisbon.

Although be warned that it can be quite steep in places, with some stairs here and there, as Lisbon has plenty of hills. It can also get quite hot in summer – which makes the hills even harder to accomplish!

The trams are often the more convenient option as they let you get around Lisbon quickly and easily – whether you’re just going from A to B or exploring more distant Lisbon neighborhoods.

Another option is to take the metro if you’re in a rush – it is noted as one of Europe’s finest public transport systems, after all. You can also take advantage of Uber, Bolt, a private cab or tuk-tuk services for a speedy ride.

Exploring the city by car may not be ideal as the streets can get rather congested and steep. And finding parking spots is no fun. However, a car can come in handy when taking day trips from Lisbon.

There are several alternatives to choose from when wondering how to get around Lisbon! You can even hop on a tram for an audio-guided tour of Lisbon’s greatest attractions. For destinations further away such as the airport, buses, cabs and even Uber services provide convenient options too.

The best way we found was often to mix things up: walking around town with occasional help from metros or Ubers when returning home later in the evening!

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