4 days to unwind in Dominica


Known as the Nature Island, Dominica (pronounced DomiNEEkah) is often confused with the Dominican Republic. We don’t expect that to happen for much longer.

Though historically a lesser-visited island in the Caribbean, Dominica is now served by direct flights on American Airlines from Miami, and Kempinski opened a luxury resort in 2019.

Nasha Smith takes you through divine Dominica, in four dreamy days.


I’m a St Lucian travel writer who has studied abroad in Belgium, the Czech Republic, Germany, Greece, Spain, the USA and Wales – yet I always find my way back to the islands of the West Indies. And I promise you, when you touch down in Dominica you won’t be able to stay indoors. This beauty beckons you to rekindle your relationship with nature as you discover its soothing properties, with its hot springs and blankets of vegetation serving as holistic antidotes to stress. 


Why you should visit Dominica

With dramatic gorges, impossibly green rainforests, limitless rivers and ethereal sunsets, Dominica earns its title of “Nature Isle.” But this island nation is also the Caribbean’s most unspoiled jewel, offering a respite from life’s chaos. A connection to nature is ingrained in the Dominican lifestyle. A strong culture of farming and fishing results in fresh, wholesome cuisine. Nine volcanoes have left the island bubbling with geothermal activity – and abundant hot springs. Hiking trails abound through the verdant interior. The air is clean, the water cool. What’s not to love

dominica itinerary overview day 1

Putter around Portsmouth

Start your day with a hearty breakfast at one of several spots in Portsmouth, the second-largest town in Dominica. U&H Delights on Harbour Ln serves up a variety of…

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