What are the best countries to play casinos around the world?


When you are traveling, there are a couple of things worth doing in every place you visit. Grabbing a slice of pizza, testing out the local beer, enjoying that country’s version of a dumpling – and heading to a casino.

Why the casino? Because each country offers the same games – but the currency you win will be different, and some have different rules. Not to mention that casinos are often some of the most glamorous places in each city. After you’ve enjoyed more free slot spins from Virgin Games than you can shake a stick at- here are places to go for some real-life casino action.

So, if you want lady luck to shine down on you as you travel, here are some of the best casinos you’re likely to find, from the stunning to the best rated; let’s take a look.

The Most Glamorous Casino Cities In The World

Sometimes it’s not just about the casino; it’s about the city that it is in too. Here are some of the best cities to head to and enjoy some of the rich casino life.

Monte Carlo

If you want a real taste of luxury, elegance, and love to dress up, then Monte Carlo is one of the best places to head to when it comes to throwing dice and playing cards while dressed up to the nines.


Singapore is clean and serene and has more than a little to offer when it comes to stunning surroundings and casinos. Marina Bay Sands Hotel offers a vast 2300 slot machines and 500 tables. It’s hard not to be impressed.


The city of love, coffee, wine, and delicious pastry – Paris has some of the best nightlife around, and the casinos stand up to the other big names around…

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