Travel Gadgets Review: Asus Zenfone 2 Laser 5.0


As travelers, it’s important to choose you travel gadgets wisely. So far, we’ve tested and reviewed great travel gadgets and equipment like the almost indestructible Caterpillar S40 Rugged Phone, and the ingeniously secure Numinous Backpack. This time though, we’re looking at something a little less specialized, a travel gadget that’s more affordable to most travelers on a backpacking budget.

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When you start backpacking, you’ll be amazed at just how quickly your hard-earned gadgets, which may already have survived several years of daily life, can quickly deteriorate into a disposable chunk of scratched plastic and rusty connections with a barely visible, flickering screen attached. Put simply – an adventurous life on the road is tough on your stuff, especially your travel gadgets!

Travel Gadgets Review: Asus Zenfone 2 Laser 5.0 @ASUSph

Smartphones are still the undisputed best option for budget backpackers who can’t afford to buy, or lose, multiple pieces of expensive equipment –  they are looking for simple, tough, inexpensive travel gadgets that do everything they need to do on the road.

So what exactly do backpackers require from their travel gadgets?

  • Low prices – Not only are backpackers on a very tight budget to begin with, their travel gadgets are also at a greater risk of loss, theft or damage, so the initial investment needs to be suitably low.
  • Multi-functionality – Weight is a big issue for backpackers and there’s no room for multiple pieces of equipment. Carrying various travel gadgets is also more to look after and more that could be lost or stolen. A good, complete travel gadget should be a camera, a telephone, an internet device, a portable music and movie player and an e-book reader.
  • Durability – Fragile gadgets are a poor investment in the…

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