Getting around from beach to beach in Bermuda


On the holiday island of Bermuda, cars are regulated to one per household, and mopeds are the vehicle of choice, which definitely contributes to the leisurely pace of life on the island. The lack of urgency is part of the appeal – most come here to kick back on sandy beaches, splash in crystal waters and wander around the pastel-colored streets of Bermuda’s tiny towns on warm summer evenings.

Rental cars are not an option so visitors to Bermuda have traditionally used motorcycles or mopeds to scoot around this 21 sq mile (54 sq km) island, but these days, travelers have a variety of alternatives, from electric vehicles to rideshares, making it easy to travel from pink beach to pink beach.

Whether you’re here for the sand, the diving or the sunshine, here’s a look at how to explore Bermuda by land and sea.

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Explore Bermuda by motorcycle or moped

With motorcycle shops stationed throughout the island, renting a motorcycle or moped is probably the most convenient option for travelers who are comfortable with the island’s road rules. For those not used to roundabouts and driving on the left, however, there are some safety concerns, as you’ll have minimal protection between you and other drivers, or worse, the pavement.

On the flip side, motorcycles and scooters are a great option for zipping around without having to worry about finding somewhere to park, and they’re ideal for navigating the winding, narrow streets of the island’s townships like a…

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