Top 5 scenic drives in India


When it comes to scenic drives, India is a top destination. From the winding mountain roads of Kashmir to the serene backwaters of Kerala, India is home to some of the most memorable drives on the planet. Whether you are looking for a weekend road trip or an epic cross-country adventure, here are the top five scenic drives in India that you can’t miss.

1. Rameshwaram Pamban Bridge

The Pamban Bridge is the first sea bridge in India, constructed in the shape of an arch. Its construction was completed in 1912 and is also the second-largest bridge in the country. Pamban bridge is not just a connecting structure between the mainland and Rameshwaram, it is also a popular tourist attraction for its majestic architecture. The sight of the ships passing under the bridge and the train passing through the railway line is breathtaking.

2.Gangtok to Lake Tsomgo and Nathu-La Pass

Tsomgo Lake and Nathu-La Pass are some of the most popular attractions of Sikkim. A drive from Gangtok to these scenic places is a must if you want to escape the monotony of big city life. The weather can be quite erratic which is why the best time to travel is summer and autumn. Nathu-La Pass is at a distance of about 53 km from Sikkim. So, it should take you about 2 hours to reach Nathu-La pass. You should visit Tsomgo Lake on your way back.

3. Mumbai to Goa

When it comes to travel destinations, Goa hits all the right spots. If you are planning your next vacation, consider a road trip from Mumbai to Goa. The 600 km drive takes you through some of the most breathtaking sights in India. If you take…

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