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A trip to Bali promises not only sun, beach, sights and delicious food. You travel to Bali to find a unique attitude to life: Sunshine in your heart.

As soon as you meet the first Balinese, you feel directly what makes Bali the dream spot for emigrants from all over the world – the incredible friendliness, hearty laughter, great love and gratitude, coupled with the wonderful nature and power, which has also given this island the name: Island of the Gods.

Bali is pure magic. And if you’re looking to add it to your list of destinations to visit, keep reading for our top Bali travel tips.

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Arrival in Bali

Lush green, the island already looks good from the air. Denpasar Ngurah Rai International Airport is Bali’s main airport and built so close to the sea that you almost have the feeling of landing on the water.

Who would like to start fast and without long queuing times to its discovery journey, can book a VIP transfer and gets so at the side of a native, lightning fast by the VISA control, instead of waiting in the queue for hours in high times. The service costs around $35. There is also a package for $45 with your own driver to take you to your booked location. Super convenient and therefore highly recommended.

Bali travel tips - visit the beautiful Bali ForestsForest in Bali, Indonesia

Traffic in Bali

Bali is big. The north is much more untouched than the south in the region around Canggu, where there are countless stylish cafes, yoga studios, modern villas and hip stores.

Whoever imagines Bali to be only quiet and idyllic will quickly learn that…

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