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The Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO) was established by the Ontario Society of Artists in 1900, and originally called ‘Art Museum of Toronto’. It’s first public display opened to much acclaim in 1913 with subsequent expansions done a few years later.

Today, AGO boasts an impressive 90,000 pieces spanning centuries from antiquity until now – plus its massive collection focusing on Canadian art as well as Renaissance and Baroque masterpieces. Sprawling 45 thousand square meters across North America – this gallery is one for the books! Throughout its history it has been home to some major iconic exhibitions which still continue today; making sure that each visit brings something new yet familiar at the same time.

A few years ago, the Art Gallery of Ontario in Canada arrived on the forefront of AR exhibits, promoted as “a new and magical way to experience art”.

With a custom app, visitors to the museum can view the collections through the lens of their smartphone or tablet to see artworks reimagined for modern times by artist Alex Mayhew.

You can get a glimpse of this effect in the trailer below:

While some might see overlaying classic paintings with augmented updates as gimmicky, it can actually be quite engaging for young museumgoers. In fact, both critics and audiences generally had positive reactions to this museum AR exhibit. This might be a good trick to get families into the museum, as with this gamification effect, will entertain especially younger visitors and this will get them involved and engaged.

They bring people together to see, experience and understand the world in new ways by presenting great art, facilitating learning, and engaging their audience. The AGO is a leading global conversation from Toronto through its extraordinary…

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