Swimming in the crystal-clear natural pools of the Canary Islands


Swimming in the crystal-clear waters of the Atlantic is always a pleasure. But when you swim in one of the strikingly beautiful natural pools of the archipelago, where the Atlantic Ocean relaxes and the sun shines every single day of the year it becomes an unforgettable experience. These enclosed spaces where water seeps in naturally from the sea is a must for all the visitors who are looking for authentic perfection.

There are numerous natural pools throughout the islands. We have listed our top ten below. Welcome to paradise.

Charco Azul – One of the most spectaculars spots in El Hierro

Charco Azul is without doubt one of the most spectacular bathing spots in El Hierro. Located in El Golfo, a magnificent valley along the rugged coastline, this pool is one of the finest examples of the unique volcanic flows. Created naturally by flowing lava, this area doesn’t just invite you to bathe in its turquoise pools, but also to relax, refresh and recharge yourself.

Puertito de Lobos – An islet with incredible views of Fuerteventura

Where else can you possibly discover an uninhabited pearl of the Atlantic Ocean that was once a sea lion’s playground? This treasure of land and sea has become one of the most popular views of Fuerteventura. The clear waters of the pools contrast dramatically with the volcanic seabed. This, combined with the small fishing boats and the vast expanses of water in the area, leaves you wanting to dive in and stay for a very long time.

El Caletón de Garachico – A family spot in one of Tenerife’s charming towns

The Atlantic surrounds and soothes the area of El Caletón, in the north of Tenerife. Just beside the San Miguel Castle and with the imposing presence of…

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