How luxury travel is defined in 2023


By Paul Johnson on Jan 05, 2023 in Travel Miscellany

Luxury travel has evolved significantly over the years, and it continues to do so as we enter 2023. Gone are the days where luxury meant simply staying in a 5-star hotel with Champagne on arrival. Today’s luxury travellers are seeking unique, personalised experiences that allow them to truly disconnect from the stresses of everyday life and immerse themselves in new cultures.

So, what exactly defines luxury travel in 2023? It’s difficult to pinpoint one specific definition, as it varies from person to person. Is it exclusive access to once-in-a-lifetime experiences, personalised itineraries and unparalleled levels of comfort and service? Or something else? We asked 23 experts for their definitions of what makes luxury travel truly luxurious in 2023… let us know your own thoughts in the comments below!

“Luxury can mean different things to all sorts of people. With years of experience in the luxury ski chalet industry, I have become well versed on the true meaning of luxury. From the moment you book, luxury is about having everything taken care of, right down to the tiny details. Where the service team will attend to your every need. You should not have to think about anything, yet have everything you would hope for and more. Luxury travel should offer accommodation featuring everything from world-class spa and wellness facilities to sumptuous bedroom suites with the finest soft furnishings. However, it has to be the service detail and personal touches that give luxury travel its true meaning. It’s where the concierge and the service team have it covered to make a luxury ski holiday special. Where great lengths will be covered to ensure your favourite spirit is stocked in the open bar, your skis…

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