Your guide to Montevideo, Uruguay


The capital of Uruguay, Montevideo is a charming metropolitan oasis where the lifestyle of the rural campo (countryside) influences a not-so-fast pace of city living.

Once a fortified citadel, the Ciudad Vieja (old city) is today surrounded by traces of the city walls, first erected in 1741. Beyond this historic core, visitors can stroll the longest continuous sidewalk in the world, relax on sandy beaches, visit countless museums or sway to carnaval rhythms year-round. 

Here’s our guide to the top things to do in Montevideo, Uruguay.

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1. Enjoy sand and surf on Montevideo’s beaches

Montevideo is surrounded by the wide Río de la Plata, and the most popular beach in town is Playa de Los Pocitos, which offers soft sand and volleyball courts.

This true city beach is framed by the waterfront buildings of the namesake Pocitos neighborhood. In the summer months, you’ll see scads of umbrellas that protect from the high UV rays in Uruguay (which can reach as high as 11).

Local tip: The beaches are small and get busy on the weekend, so plan your beach day during the week to avoid crowds. 

A woman walks through the Museo de la Memoria in Montevideo, Uruguay, South AmericaThe haunting Museo de la Memoria commemorates the victims of Uruguay’s military junta © Universal Images Group via Getty

2. Visit Museo de la Memoria 

The most important museum to visit in Montevideo is the Museo de la Memoria, open since 2007. Located about 1.9mi (3km) from Prado Park, the museum offers insights and context on the country’s 12-year civic-military dictatorship.

The site honors the 200 Uruguayans who disappeared during the junta…

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