7 Awesome Things To Do In Abu Dhabi, UAE


Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Most of you would probably think of Dubai as THE place to go in the Middle East, and that’s for a reason. But the actual capital city of the United Arab Emirates is Abu Dhabi, located just a 90-minute drive along the coast from Dubai, and there are heaps to be discovered there as well.

We suggest that those tourists who are staying in Dubai should book Dubai to Abu Dhabi tour from local tour operators to travel conveniently and discover Abu Dhabi attractions with ease and no hassle. And if you want to visit Abu Dhabi on your own or stay in Abu Dhabi, you can opt to hire a car or rent a taxi and enjoy the tour yourself

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Internationally, Abu Dhabi is most famous for its impressive mosque or the annual final Formula 1 race of the season, which takes place there by the Yas Marina every November.

7 Awesome Things To Do In Abu Dhabi, UAE

If you decide to come to the United Arab Emirates, you should spend at least three or four nights of your time in Abu Dhabi to see some of its main attractions. It’s got a large international airport with home carrier Etihad Airways, but it’s also easily reachable from Dubai by bus or rental car. We have done both, and while a bus only sets you back around five dollars, a decent rental car only costs about US$40 for 24 hours, including insurance. Rental cars are very affordable and definitely the easiest mode of transport in the UAE if you’re over 21. 

If you don’t like hot weather too much, try and go between…

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